Who runs Megagame Assembly, anyway?



Harrison, Chris & Matt here. We’re the guys behind this website and are just above you now. No, not literally! Up there, in that picture…

You’re probably asking what Megagame Assembly is for and why we’ve created it. Well, between us we’ve been to more megagames than we care to count and we thought it would be a really good idea to have a place that provides a central calendar of all the games that are happening globally.

So here it is!

Since it doesn’t make much sense to have an entire website dedicated just to a calendar we’ll also be creating other megagame focused content including a monthly podcast and blog posts.

You may have arrived here knowing little or nothing about megagames so we’ve also got an FAQ and list of megagame groups around the world — UK/Europe, US/Canada and Asia/Australia. If you’ve got a group you’d like to add or have a question that isn’t covered by the FAQ, feel free to mash that button below and send us a message to let us know.

If you’d like to run a megagame or two, but don’t have the time to write one, check out our megagames page with links to free games to download.

Our Facebook group has all the megagame memes you could possibly ever want. You can also use the Facebook group to have a chat with us and everyone else about megagames. Much like British Telecom back in the 80s, we love to talk [about megagames].

Hopefully we’ll see you at a game soon!

Harrison Tatem-Wyatt