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A World Divided (Bristol, UK)

  • Frenchay Village Hall 32 Beckspool Rd Winterbourne, England, BS16 1NT United Kingdom (map)

Organiser: South West Megagames
Designer: John Mizon
Game Page: Available here
Cast List: Available here


The year 2411: Humanity has spread across the galaxy and has Colonies on several habitable worlds beyond our solar system. The most significant of these is the planet of Rosal, where the majority of the land is governed by the Earth superpower of the Federated Atlantic Syndicate (FAS), via a loosely-associated group of Colonies. However, all is not well on Rosal. Tensions have been rising, and the Rosal Assembly, formed initially as a forum for the Colonies to discuss common problems, has developed into a revolutionary group, and declared itself the true government of Rosal. In response, the government of the FAS has decided to put down this rebellion by force, and a fleet has been dispatched to the planet.

With the declaration coming so suddenly, it is not clear where the support of each Colony truly lies. In addition to the war of guns and ships, an equally important war of loyalties is being fought, as the Rosal Assembly attempts to secure popular support for their rebellion, and the FAS attempts to retain the former loyalty of its Colonies. Each Colony has its own values and interests, and has a difficult choice ahead.


The situation on Rosal is not so clear cut, however. The FAS government is narrowly split and the opposition on Earth is more than eager to capitalise where they can, forcing political and economic objectives on the fleet's commanders. The other Earth superpowers will also be observing the conflict carefully, eyeing up the FAS for weaknesses and considering whether there is anything to gain by becoming involved. And back on Rosal, the mysterious and unpredictable “First Settler” groups continue to raid frontier towns, causing chaos – but perhaps also opening up opportunities for the open-minded...

'A World Divided' is a game about both local and wider-reaching political interests at a time of conflict. The majority of players represent the governments of local Colonies, all attempting to survive and grow in the midst of a war. Some of the other players represent other factions, some large, some small, that also have a stake in the outcome of the fight.

The game is about how the political interactions between all of these different entities affects the ongoing military conflict and vice versa.

The game blends both 'Political' (talking and negotiating) and 'Operational' (decisions, units and resources) gameplay. Some roles are exclusively Political, while others have a much greater focus on Operational matters. In general, players should expect some conflict and unit manoeuvring, but communication and negotiation with other players, and other teams, will make up the bulk of the game.

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