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New World Order 2035 (London, UK)

  • Anerley Town Hall Anerley Rd England, SE20 8BD United Kingdom (map)

Organiser: Megagame Makers
Designer: Jim Wallman
Game Page: Available here
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This megagame is about a semi-fictional real world 16 years from now. In this game there are familiar and unfamiliar aspects of the global political situation, arising from shifts in the geopolitical landscape, the impact of technological innovation, demographic changes and social and economic factors.

Whilst players have freedom to make decisions, do deals and interact in their roles as the political movers and shakers of their country, they also have to take account of the will of their people (even if they are dictators) and the interests of their political allies and supporters. The game will progress through a series of global crises and incidents that will challenge players' ability to negotiate, plot and intrigue

The World of 2035

  • The United Nations is still in business. All nations regard it as important to gain some legal underpinnings to international activities by gaining a Security Council Resolution.

  • The USA is still the global superpower. The US economy is the biggest, US technology and trade dominate the world. US Fleets control all the oceans of the world. The USA is not played bya player team. Instead the played-countries will be able to try to influence US policy in a number of spheres – and perhaps get the US to act in some way.

  • Russia is no longer a power with global reach and influence. After the Second Cold War (2018-2023), its economy was in a bad way, and its ability to conduct military adventures reduced significantly. Internal conflicts are a big problem for Russia. However, it still has nuclear weapons so should not be ignored.

  • Poland is fast becoming a major player in Europe, both economically and militarily largely as a result of the decline of Russia and support from the USA. Ukraine and Belarus are now strongly influenced by Poland, who feels more secure than at any time since the 17th century.

  • NATO has ceased to exist. It has been replaced by a number of smaller (but by no means powerless) regional alliances. The US commitment to the defence of Western Europe as a whole has similarly ended.

  • Turkey is also resurgent, both economically and militarily. It has become a focus of political representation for much of the Muslim world and it's influence has extended into Georgia, the Balkans and the Arabian Peninsula.

  • Western Europe, mainly the rump of the European Union (less the UK) and former NATO countries is isolationist and has little to do with international politics – though its economic impact is still significant. Western Europe is not played by player teams in this game.

  • Mexico is a significant player in the Americas, its economy has grown to outstrip any South American country, and is second only to the USA itself in the region. This said, Mexico sits in the shadow of a mighty neighbour, known for its capriciousness and unthinking projection of power.

  • China is riven with internal power struggles and the impact of internal regionalism. In particular there is a divide between the heavily populated coastal regions and the interior and north. The central power of the Communist Party has been weakened and this has put a limit on China's expansion outside of its local sphere of influence. China is not played by a player team in this game.

  • Korea is unified, following the 6 Hour War of 2026. It has managed to overcome the challenges of rebuilding the North's moribund economy and accommodating its traumatised people so that by 2035 Korea is a becoming major economic power in the region, and a serious rival to both Japan and China.

Designer's Note

This is the game that Watch The Skies (WTS) would have been had I decided on a geopoliticalgame without aliens. It has some similarities with WTS but also a great many differences in the way conflict is modelled and, of course, there are no extraterrestrials. Like Watch The Skies the emphasis in NWO2035 is on communication and negotiation. Its been played twice so far, once for the University of McGill in Montreal and once for the US National Defence University in Washington. It hasn't yet been played in the UK, so this will be a unique opportunity for UK megagamers.

Game Roles

National Teams - there are 16 nations in play. National teams are made up of four players, Head of State, Foreign Minister, Economics Minister, and Defence Minister.

Non-Government Teams - there are four of these groups, representing the scientific community, the United Nations Secretariat, international news media and a shadowy pressure group.

Corporations - Four major global corporations (each of 3 players) attempt to grab market share in a variety of fields such as biotech, defence and computers.

States in play - pan, Australia, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, Turkey, Nigeria, Algeria, South Africa, Russia, Poland, The Holy See, Mexico, Brazil, and Canada.