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We Are Not Alone (Ipswich, QLD, Australia)

  • HS Ipswich Inc. 4 Bell Street Ipswich, QLD, 4305 Australia (map)

Organiser: Ashtown Games
Designer: Jack McNamee
Game Page: Available here
Cast List: Not available yet - check back nearer the date of the game

we are not alone.jpg

A new megagame of cosmic dread from the creators of God Emperor.

We Are Not Alone is a game event of apocalyptic scale. Over the course of the day, you and 50 other players will battle for the fate of the earth. You'll become world leaders, a news crew - or a terrifying alien lifeform that threatens to engulf everything.

Organised and developed by the Brisbane Megagame Club in co-operation with Ipswich HackerspaceTickets have sold out. You can still register your details on the Ashtown Games website.

What's a megagame?

A Megagame is like 3 boardgames mashed together into a grand strategy event for 50 people. You will join together with a team of 3-5 players. You could be the leaders of an earth nation, a news crew, or a mysterious alien lifeform.

Each turn, your team will split up. Each of you will tackle the crisis in a core area: War, Diplomacy, Science or Espionage. Each area is like a separate game which affects the Megagame as a whole. 

A team of control members adjudicate the rules and keep the game running - so you are free to come up with crazy ideas and wild schemes outside the rules, like in a tabletop RPG. 

We Are Not Alone is inspired by Jim Wallman's classic megagame, Watch the Skies. It has been completely rebuilt with new mechanics, and a new story. You can see Watch the Skies in action in the video below.

Do I need to have played a megagame before?

No! On the day, we’ll run through everything you’ll need to know in person.

We'll send you a rulebook, but you don't need anything else. The rules of each bit of the game are easy to understand. The trick is that they all combine together to make an epic experience. We've run three megagames before, and we're getting pretty good at it.

Will I need anything?

No! Food and a full copy of all the rules and components you need to play will be included in the ticket price. We'll send you a rulebook before the day. Costumes are encouraged, but not required.

Do I need a team?

Nope! We can put you with some other lovely people.