Survey Results


With a public survey, sent out on the 7 June 2019, we wished to gauge the interest and desire of the Megagame community for a communal website. As well as hoping to get an idea of the features and uses they wished to see. The results of this survey were hugely positive and very encouraging.

Question 1 – How likely would you be to use a website that has a calendar of all known upcoming megagames?

The results to this pivotal question were overwhelmingly positive. More than 80% of respondents said they were likely or very likely to use such a service. With only one lone survey user saying they were very unlikely to not do so.

Question 2 – What are the most important features for a megagame calendar to you?

The clear winner in this category was “Viewing All The Megagames Happening Globally” which is great to hear, as this was our priority from the beginning.

Question 3 – If you could easily create a personal calendar of all your upcoming megagames, would you create an account to do so?

A closer result than we were expecting on this one, but more people responded that they would rather not create an account to use such a function.

Question 4 – How likely would you be to use a discussion forum to discuss burning megagame issues?

Another overwhelmingly positive response here, with less than one fifth of all respondents saying that this would not interest them.

Question 5 – When signing up for a megagame, what are the most important features to you?

Automatic e-mail conformation was the clear winner here, with most respondents listing this as their top priority, with the ability to immediately secure a ticket and pay for it coming in second.

More than 80% of respondents said they were likely or very likely to use such a service

Question 6 – Would you be interested in reading blog entries focused on the megagame community, games and issues?

So massive was the vote in favour of this idea, in comparison to the vote against, that it hardly seems worth mentioning it. Nearly ten times as many people would read this as wouldn’t, according to our survey.

Question 7 – What are the most important things for a megagame blog to focus on?

The voting was very close on this, so we feel we must conclude that the megagame community want regular, high quality blog posts from a wide range of writers on a wide range of subjects. Which is handy, because that’s exactly what we intend to do.

Question 8 – Would you join a Facebook page that offers regular megagame related memes (comedy images that relate to megagames in general)?

Once again an overwhelming victory for Yes in the responses here. Our mandate is clear!

Question 9 – Please add any other thoughts that we haven't covered in the questions here

We wish to thank all of the respondents who took the time to fill in this survey, and to give us some extra information in this section. It definitely gave us ideas for features that have been added or will be added in the future. What we felt more than anything, however, was an enthusiasm and desire for such a website to exist.

Which is why we’ve built it.

Welcome, to The Megagame Assembly