UK / Europe megagame groups

What megagame groups are out there? You’ll probably be surprised to learn there are quite a few around the world.

Check out the list below and let us know if we’re missing any.


Cambridge Megagames (Cambridge, UK)

Dedicated to the very best large scale, live action, fantastical games taking place in Cambridge. Players, organisers and the curious are welcome.

Crisis Games (Cambridge, UK)

Crisis Games run social game events for corporate training and education.

Diversionary Games (Southampton, UK)

Set up in 2014, this enthusiastic group design, create and run megagames including Infinite Horizon, Aftermath and Doomsday. Based in Southampton they focus on running games, supporting new designers and growing the community in the local area.

Gothenburg Megagames (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Gothenburg Megagames arranges megagame games in Gothenburg, Sweden with a high level of ambition and a great focus on your experience as a player. The games the group play are carefully selected and the Control team contains many experienced game experts in various fields.

Horizon Megagames (London, UK)

Horizon Megagames is a london-based group hosting megagames across the capital. Their focus is on sci-fi, fantasy, horror and other games set on worlds that are very definitely not our own. Horizon have run games since the start of 2018 and have a packed calendar of games coming up.

Megagames France (Lille, France)

Megagames France is based in Lille and was started in 2017. Check them out for French megagame goodness!

Megagame Makers (London, UK)

Megagame Makers leads a friendly community, running mainly historic Megagames in the London area and acting as a focal point for Megagames across the globe, drawing on experience of over 30 years.

Megagames Paris (Paris, France)

Megagames Paris was formed in 2018 by a group of players and puts megagames on in the Paris, France area.

Pennine Megagames (Northern England, UK)

Pennine Megagames is a diverse group of gamers who run megagames in the north of England. Themes include historical, science fiction and fantasy to cater for a broad audience.

Reading Megagames (Reading, UK)

Reading Megagames are a small group of gamers and hobby game designers from Reading, UK and the surrounding area who are excited about designing and running megagames.

Their megagames are built to provide fun, personal interaction and building of social circles and friendships.

South West Megagames (South West, UK)

South West Megagames runs sci-fi, modern and historic megagames across the South West of the UK, including Oxford, Bristol, Reading, Cardiff & Bournemouth.

True North Megagames (North, UK)

True North Megagames is a new megagame network for the north of the United Kingdom. Running events in Glasgow, Carlisle, Dundee, and Newcastle the network hopes to expand the hobby of megagaming by running engaging and inclusive events to cater to all tastes.

Wild Ways Games (Newark, UK)

Wild Ways is Newark, UK’s Home of Tabletop. Weekly Events, Tournamets and Play Opportunites. High Quality RPG's. Wargaming Suite. Board Games Library, Beautiful Comfortable Atmosphere and lots of things to buy. They also run the odd sci-fi megagame!