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Funeral Games III (London, UK)

  • Anerley Town Hall Anerley Rd England, SE20 8BD United Kingdom (map)

Organiser: Megagame Makers
Designer: Rob Cooper
Game Page: Available here
Cast List: Available from the Megagame Makers site

Funeral Games.jpg

It is June 323BC. Alexander the Great has died in Babylon at the age of 33, after conquering much of the known world. However, he has left no competent heir and the army quickly fell to squabbling over the future. Nevertheless these men recognise that their actions must appear legitimate and justified to their Macedonian soldiers. So, following some brief skirmishes between the Bodyguards (and the Companion Cavalry) and the Infantry the succession crisis has finally been decided by those Generals and those parts of the Macedonian Army in Babylon. Other senior officers and Macedonian soldiers around the Empire have had no say.