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Watch The Skies: Second Sight (Reading, UK)

  • St Luke's Parish Hall 33 Erleigh Rd England, RG1 5LU United Kingdom (map)

Organiser: South West Megagames
Designer: John Mizon
Game Page: Available here
Cast List: Available here

Watch The Skies: Second Sight is a game about high-level political decisions during a of crisis of extraterrestrial proportions. The majority of players represent various major nations, and the game is all about how this collection of different political entities decide to react to increased activity from a mysterious alien presence.


This game takes place in a world that is very much like our own. That means that players will have more than just space aliens to deal with – they will be responding to humanity as well, and will have to work on the alien situation alongside the evolving local crises that characterise our day-to-day world.

The game blends both 'Political' (talking and negotiating) and 'Operational' (decisions, units and resources) gameplay. Some roles are exclusively Political, while others have a much greater focus on Operational matters.  The game is very much grounded in a simulation of what would be considered the 'real world' - with realistic international-level events, as well as the expectations and demands of populations and key stakeholders affecting international decision-making.

As the aliens' mysterious activities become greater and more frequent, how will humanity respond? What do the aliens want? Will the Earth survive? Nothing is certain, except that the aliens are coming - so be sure to 'Watch The Skies'!

Shut Up & Sit Down played a Watch The Skies in 2014 — check out their experience below!