US / Canada megagame groups

What megagame groups are out there? You’ll probably be surprised to learn there are quite a few around the world.

Check out the list below and let us know if we’re missing any.


BK Game Design (Cleveland, OH)

BK Game Design is a tabletop game enthusiast and designer based out of Cleveland Ohio. Their completed projects include PACS, Bitten & Red Scare.

Chicago Megagames (Chicago, IL)

A collection of friends from all sorts of fields who share a common hobby in megagaming.

Dallas Mega Games (Dallas, TX)

Helping to bring the Mega Game phenomenon to the DFW Metroplex!

Defy Danger (Baltimore, MD)

Defy Danger and DDE Adventures pledge to bring you adventures that are ready to run for your group. Each adventure gets tailored to fit specific gaming systems, with the recognition that some content works better in one set of rules over another.

YEG Mega Games (Edmonton, Alberta)

YEG Mega Games is Edmonton's main hub for mega game related events and community. Be it from hosting games, to fostering a following around the mega game hobby.

Grey Squirrel Games (Tampa, FL)

To provide an amazing experience for gamers that is unique and brings together a community to save the world...or not.

Maryland Megagames (Baltimore, MD)

Maryland Megagames, an organization dedicated to bringing megagame events to Maryland, located mostly in and around the Baltimore region.

Megagame Texas (Austin, TX)

Megagame Texas run games every other month, and details on their next game can be found on their ticketing page.

Minnesota Megagames (Minneapolis, MN)

Minnesota Megagames hosts Megagames in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area! Megagames are combinations of board games and role-playing games with 30+ players!

Montréal Megagames (Montréal, QC)

Megagame Montréal is a group of enthusiasts creating immersive fun events mixing board games and life-size role-playing games.

Ohio Gaming Brigade (Dayton, OH)

Ohio Gaming Brigade is a small company in Southwest Ohio running events for tabletop and electronic gaming enthusiasts.

Ottawa Megagames (Ottawa, ON)

A group of people bringing megagames to Ottawa, ON.

PAXsims (Montréal, QC)

Devoted to the development and effective use of games and simulation-based learning concerning issues of conflict, peace-building, and development in fragile and conflict-affected states, as well as to the policy application of gaming and simulation techniques.

Prairie Fire Gaming (Fargo, ND)

Striving to provide new and fun gaming opportunities to the Red River Valley.

Seattle Megagames (Seattle, WA)

Seattle-based community for organizing and running Megagames.

West Coast Megagames (Sacramento, CA)

West Coast MegaGames develops, designs, and hosts large format social strategy for players across the West Coast of the United States.