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The Megagame Assembly


We are the go-to location for megagames

Everyone is welcome here at the Megagame Assembly, whether you’re new to megagaming or played lots of games. We’re here for the designers too, so stay a while and let us know what you think.

What are megagames?

A megagame blends aspects of board games, LARPs, wargaming and role-playing into a totally new thing; a megagame!

Megagames generally last a full day and are split into turns, with anywhere from 30 to 80 players playing the same game. Players form teams and play specific roles where they usually have to manage resources and work towards objectives in the universe the designer has created. The megagame designer sets up the initial background and objectives and players are free to take the story in whatever direction they please, based primarily on starting briefs and their own imaginations.

Shut Up & Sit Down played ‘Watch The Skies’ in 2014 and loved it so much they created a video of their experience:

What are we offering?

All sorts of things relating to megagames. Check out the list below…

A calendar of global megagames. You can also view a list of games by region; UK/Europe, US/Canada & Asia/Australia

Are you looking for a game to run for a group? You’re in luck as we have some free megagames that can be downloaded right now.

There are many megagame groups all over the world who organise games in their area and we’ve got them listed right here by region; UK/Europe, US/Canada & Asia/Australia

Our blog covers everything to do with megagames from designing to playing and more besides

Do you want to listen to people talk about megagames? You’re in the right place if you do. Our podcast will feature designers, players along with Harrison, Matt & Chris all rattling on about megagames

If you want to chat with us or other members of the megagame community, we’ve also got a Facebook group and you’re welcome to hang out with us

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers in our FAQ - check out the page now to learn what a megagame is amongst other important questions

Megagame terms and acronyms can be confusing to new players (and old ones alike!) so check out our glossary to find out what people are talking about in the community

 Our calendar

If you’d prefer to see lists of games in the different regions, check out the UK/Europe, US/Canada and Asia/Australia pages

 Our latest blog posts