About us

We’re a group of friends who met through playing megagames and wanted to come together to help the community grow.

We thought if we created a website that enables existing players and those new to the hobby to view a calendar of upcoming megagames it would be a Good Thing. It’s something we personally wanted, so why not make it for everyone to enjoy?



Harrison works in lace (we actually think he works for MI6, but don’t tell anyone!) and is an awesome team leader. If you’re on his team at a megagame, expect great things to happen.


Matt (aka Mr Megagame) isn’t a politician but really should be with those silky smooth negotiating skills. Matt will charm your pants off and before you know it he’ll be World President — even if the position doesn’t exist at the start of the game!


Kneace designs her own costumes and sews many tricks up her sleeves, such as her ability to do a startlingly accurate German accent. Don’t be fooled by the friendly smile – she’s more than capable of devious deeds, and her hair is full of secrets.


Chris has been known to lose the occasional dragon and casually fling nuclear weapons around at games before. It’s a curse, but one he’s willing to live with (we’re not sure if other players enjoy the fiery hell he throws around though...)


If you see us at a game, come say “Hi”!

If one of us tries to kill you, it’s nothing personal. Honest!