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Do you run megagames?

No we don’t run megagames, but we want to help the community by making sure players know what games are out there. Check out our calendar of upcoming megagames here and see if there are any you fancy booking on to.

What is a megagame?

Good question! A megagame blends aspects of board games, LARPs, wargaming and role-playing into a totally new thing; a megagame!

Megagames generally last a full day and are split into turns, with anywhere from 30 to 80 players playing the same game. Players form teams and play specific roles where they usually have to manage resources and work towards objectives in the universe the designer has created. The megagame designer sets up the initial background and objectives and players are free to take the story in whatever direction they please, based primarily on starting briefs and their own imaginations.

Megagames can be hectic and overwhelming, communication is usually difficult but it’s so much fun playing a game with your friends or even as part of a team of people you’ve never met before. Trust us, you’ll soon bond over your objectives (and maybe cupcakes).

Shut Up & Sit Down played ‘Watch The Skies’ in 2014 and loved it so much they created a video of their experience! Check it out below if you want to know more:

Who can play a megagame?

Anyone aged 18+ can play a megagame! Sometimes designers let players under 18 play their games, but this is on an individual basis.

If you’re interested in playing a megagame, either on your own or with a group of friends, head on over to our calendar and see if there are any games in your area that you could join.

Do I have to have a group of friends to play a megagame?

No, not at all!

You can play a megagame as an individual, with a friend or a group or you. Depending on the game, your group may be split up if the team sizes are small. However, we generally find it’s better to play against your friends rather than on the same team as you get the opportunity to mess with them!

Who runs megagames?

We think megagaming started in the UK, but there are now groups running games in Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia. Check out our list of megagame groups, and if you know of one we’re missing give us a shout:

UK / Europe groups
US / Canada groups
Asia / Australia groups