Free megagames


We’re pleased to be able to link to free megagames for download. What’s the catch? It may be that these games aren’t as fully formed as paid for megagames, but since they’re free who’s arguing?

If you have a game you would like to add to the list, let us know.


Aegon’s Conquest

Aegon’s Conquest is written by Sean O'Connor. Players play as either a Lord, the Heir, the Knight, and the Maester of eight lordly Houses of the fractious continent of Westeros. Who will ascend to the Iron Throne…?


Relics Of The Fall

John Keyworth has created a megagame of Mad Max with mechs! Throw in an empire expanding its borders and a group of free market traders who - you guessed it - want to make money and you’ve got a recipe some dramatic action.



A game by Jim Wallman about political and military activity during the Sengoku Era of Japanese history. This was an age of land-grabbing lords, incessant warfare and power-plays. In short, an ideal setting for a megagame.


Washington Conference

A megagame written by Dave Boundy where senior diplomats, politicians and military chiefs aim to get the best deal for their country, whilst also stopping rivals from building ever bigger battleships.