Free megagames


We’re pleased to be able to link to free megagames for download. What’s the catch? It may be that these games aren’t as fully formed as paid for megagames, but since they’re free who’s arguing?

If you have a game you would like to add to the list, let us know.


Aegon’s Conquest

Aegon’s Conquest is written by Sean O'Connor. Players play as either a Lord, the Heir, the Knight, and the Maester of eight lordly Houses of the fractious continent of Westeros. Who will ascend to the Iron Throne…?



Zane Gunton, from Diversionary Games, designed this megagame of what might happen in post-apocalyptic Britain. Check out the link for more information on the game world and download the survivor’s handbook using the button below.


Created by Darren Green, from Crisis Games, Arrival is inspired by Watch The Skies and this package contains four files from the game, including the alien, corporation and nation handbooks plus the player guide and gazetteer.

The full game should be available right here from early 2020 - look out for it then.


Written by Barry Welch, from Diversionary Games, Doomsday is a megagame about paranoia, conspiracy and inevitable armageddon. Check out the handbook using the button below or the link above for details of the game world.

Guelphs and Ghibellines (plus other committee games)

Jaap Boender has made Guelphs and Ghibellines, 1672:Year of Disaster and a number of other historic committee games (smaller games designed to be run with minimal materials and mechanics, and just a handful of players) for free.

Infinite Horizons

Ever wanted to run a megagame that simulates players colonising an alien world? Now is your chance as Zane Gunton, from Diversionary Games, is sharing a number of handbooks from Infinite Horizons. More details about the game at the link above or download the handbooks using the button below.

Last War

Jim Wallman, who runs Stone Paper Scissors, created the Last War site which has a number of WWII themed military megagames including Operation Market Garden and Goodwood 1944.


Relics Of The Fall

John Keyworth has created a megagame of Mad Max with mechs! Throw in an empire expanding its borders and a group of free market traders who - you guessed it - want to make money and you’ve got a recipe some dramatic action.